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Knowledge sharing in Acoustics

The purpose of INKA is to promote linkages among SAWtrain friends by informal exchange relationships aimed at inspiring, facilitating, participating, and supporting each other in achieving the different goals. Information, skills, expertise, etc. are exchanged among SAWtrain friends who believe that knowledge represents a valuable, intangible asset for creating and sustaining competitive advantages. 

INKA partners gather around the common goal of enabling

  • the ERSs to learn faster
  • the partners to work together more productively
  • a positive and long term return on investment.

INKA provides a platform where people can engage in a useful discussion

  • to encourage problem solving, consolidate pre-existing collaborations, encourage interactions,
  • to diffuse and create knowledge,
  • to transfer technological solutions,
  • to share products, processes, and routines exchange.

All the SAWtrain members are invited to spread and make knowledge accessible and usable between all the academic and non academic organizations involved in the SAWtrain project.


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